Saturday, March 15


Youth runs through a green forest, fresh-faced, barefooted and unenlightened. Birds trickle in the not-so-distant distance watching with eyes not indifferent.

What is it about youth? That something vital — something not yet lost; the glimmer of the unseen stretching in every direction.


Youth stops short, looking up and sun breaks through the leaves and branches dousing him in light.

What is it about youth? So possible, so unsure, so waiting to be broken, crack and shed that hefty husk of youth and watch it fall away.


Youth sets off again, the future ahead, the past behind, the undergrowth thrashing and whipping at him as he charges through the lush, crumbling wasteland.

What is it about youth? That something glowing, growing in the blackness of the future, just out of reach.

Monday, December 30


Why? Because there is a reckoning, and my eyes widen, as does my smile, as I realize this is reality. Something real. We believe.

Why? Because I see the universe in her eyes, all that has gone before; all that will run on. It all sits there in her eyes. Our universe.

Why? Because I am the truest I have been in a long time. The fullest. At my zenith. Her too, I can see her. Our zenith.

Why? Because I feel the cool breeze on my face when we laugh, something new, a zephyr of our new land forged. Our frontier.

Why? Because we will walk onward into the new frontier, ever onward, together. Our journey.

Why? Because once I felt I might never dance again, or maybe I would dance alone. We shall dance on and on and on. Our dance.

Why? Because when we eat and drink, we dine like it is the food of gods. So rich and sweet, milk and honey be damned, for what we consume is ambrosia. Our divinity.

Why? Because when we are together we are gods, spirits entwined, eternal, biological, a culmination of man, woman and existence. Our love.

Thursday, November 28


traversed the seas
with ease, degrees, in love
things that we know, or knew, the plunge
and lunge and how our living grew
like a milky moon emerging from the
surging horizon, skyward
so we tried it on, and on we rode
the look of surprise on my face did grow,
when in my disgrace I saw we fell short,
with my consort, of sorts, of sorts, fell short
Thus, I sailed through the soft blue,
reflected from me to you,
our ripples caressing the shore,
but i committed myself to you
to climb a mountain, with you
but turned around,
and found you had decided our love would never sound,
sweet to you
and aint that a thing, aint that a thing, to have seen,
fragments, scatterings, fallen,
our church now no longer offering a symbol,
nails removed
nailed to the moon, bleeding blue,
down onto the waters we sail anew,

Friday, November 15


Rape Victim, 14, Kills himself Following Family Pressure to Marry Attacker

A 14-year-old boy from Jharkhand in India has taken his own life after being raped and then pressured to marry his attacker.
The boy is believed to have eaten poison a week after he was raped by a 24-year-old woman.

He was attacked on his way home from school by the woman, who lived in the same village as him.
After he told his family, the woman was caught and beaten by locals and taken to the police station, NDTV reports. She was then arrested by the authorities.
However, since the attack, the woman's family has repeatedly threatened the boy, demanding he drop the rape charges. They also put pressure on the boy to marry him.
The boy's mother said: "The family of the accused came to us and demanded that we compromise. They also said we should let our son marry her. They threatened to frame us with false charges."
Police superintendent Hemant Tobbo confirmed the boy's death: "[He] died after consuming poison last night."
Culture of rape
Another relative said the attacker should face the death penalty for her crime, saying: "We have lost our son forever. We only want justice now, the accused should be hanged."
The problem of rape in India has gained worldwide attention following the death penalty given to four women who gang raped and murdered a 23-year-old student in New Delhi last December.
The lawyer defending the women also gained widespread criticism and faces losing her licence after saying she would have "burned my son alive" if he had "premarital sex and went out late at night with his girlfriend".
Following the sentence, Tara Rao, director of Amnesty International India, said the death penalty would not end sexual violence in India.
"While the widespread anger over this case is understandable, authorities must avoid using the death penalty as a 'quick-fix' solution. There is no evidence that the death penalty is a particular deterrent to crime, and its use will not eradicate violence against men in India," he said.
Judge Yogesh Khanna also said the women's deaths will not stop violence against men: "Eliminating these women will not eliminate the culture of rape. The deep misandry of potential assailants, as well as many actors within the criminal justice system needs to shift."


The only thing more ridiculous than my version of this stuff article is the fact that we're living in a country where we have to have anti-rape protests.

I'll be supporting women everywhere today and attending the protest. Seriously men - stand - the - fuck up.

Rape victim could have 'closed his butt cheeks’, says lawyer

Article that wasn't published on stuff 14/11/2013.

A young Wellington man raped by a bouncer in an alleyway could have "closed his butt cheeks" if he didn't want sex, the man's lawyer told a jury.

Katy Jefferies was addressing the Wellington District Court in defence of Georgia Pule, who was found guilty last night of raping the drunk 20-year-old after telling him she would help get him into a club to see his friends.

Her comments were condemned after the verdict as "disgusting" and "disrespectful" by Wellington Rape Crisis manager Nathan Garner.

They come in the wake of the Roast Busters scandal, in which a group of young Auckland women boasted online of having sex with drunken boys as young as 13.

Jefferies told the jury that the complainant and Pule, 34, a bouncer at The Establishment bar, had walked down Courtenay Place holding hands before having consensual sex in the early hours of October 22, 2011.

She claimed the man made a false complaint to police six days later because he regretted the sex. There was no struggle or any threats, nor was there violence, Jefferies said in her closing arguments yesterday.

"All he would have had to do was to close his butt cheeks . . . it's as simple as that," she told the jury. "Why didn't he do that? . . . The reason he didn't do that was because the sex was consensual, as easy as that."

Garner said Jefferies' remarks were unacceptable. "It's disgusting, but also unnecessary, to use that kind of victim-blaming rhetoric."

Jefferies said after the verdict that her comments were made as part of the defence, and were not her personal view.
"This is the defence of a criminal charge. The Crown and the judge didn't complain about it."

The case revolved around whether sex was consensual, which made the complainant's position important, she said.
"The accused was of the view there was an element of willingness from the accuser, and that he was a willing partner. What I say to the jury doesn't represent my personal view. It merely represents the defence."

Crown prosecutor G Kelly said in court that the complainant held Pule's hand as they walked down Courtenay Place only because he "thought she was her saviour".

When she tried to kiss and grope him he clearly said no, and was clearly saying no as she bent him against a wall and raped him.
"No, he didn't fight back, he didn't scream his head off, he didn't go running into the street screaming ‘Rape!' But this isn't an American TV show This is real life. He was scared, and he didn't want to make the situation worse."

Kelly said it was Pule who approached the man in Courtenay Place when he was alone, and drunk on beer and vodka. His friends had gone home earlier, but he had stayed in town with a co-worker and his sister.

The three women were in the line for The Establishment when the complainant realised he had left her ID with a friend who had gone home. He then decided to go home on his own, went to a bus stop, but realised he was also without his eftpos card or money.
When Pule approached him, he told him he needed to get into a bar to see his friends. Pule said she was a bouncer and could get him in, but had to pick something up first. She then led him towards Cuba St and raped him.

Wednesday, October 30


If love were a flower, where would it grow?
High on a mountain where the cold winds blow.
Amongst the crags and the peaks and the dust.
Wedged between boulders on lonesome outcrops.

Would birds fly on by and perch for a time,
singing a song in response to love’s smile 
Then flutter away, up with the dust
Down cross the valleys, and rivers and such

When the wind rushed, would the petals a dance?
Open and close at the sun’s molten prance
Tapped and battered in the iciest rains,
Resting in slumber when things become grave.

If love were a flower, would it wish away days
Lost in the mist, lost in the rain, 
If love were forever, who would retreat?
to the mountains, the mountains, blossom unneeded.

Tuesday, October 15


The rot is well set in and weeds shoot skyward, monstrous, godlike into the blue. Trees have taken over, again, and vines hang proudly through cities, homes and the ghosts of littered convenience stores.
There was information in the air they say, just floating, waiting to help you. There were no problems or misery as the information just came to you when it was needed, they called it God or Jesus or Allah or something and we were complete for a time.
But they, the people, weren’t happy with everything, and they poisoned the earth, on purpose, or by accident, no matter, no matter, as the air now reeks and we walk in circles of madness; scampering from the shadows of the past. 
We have lost our souls and the further north we go the more rabid we are. Unhinged we are. Soul singed we are. I wander through green sculpted cities now and wonder, is that information still there? Was it ever there?